Tuesday, September 1, 2015


Swaradhika is a New Jersey based Carnatic School of Music where violin lessons are taught in the traditional style.

Every lesson is first taught vocally.

Once the student has mastered the composition/song along with the taala, they are then taught how to apply this knowledge to the instrument. Lessons are imparted with focus on shruthi, taalam and sahityam.

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Students performing at:

16th March 2014 – Trimoorthy Aradhana Day, Bridgewater Temple Auditorium

5th April 2014 –  Shri Tyagaraja Shishya Parampara, Thematic presentation

                          Swaradhika & Veena Vani School of Music, Guruvayorappan Temple

12th April 2014 - ‘NAAMAM’ , Crossroads Middle School North

12th April 2014 -  Dikshithar Ustavam,  Guruvayorappan Temple, Morganville