About Radhika Devrajan

Smt Radhika Devrajan began her Carnatic violin journey at the age of nine. She received her initial training in violin from Sri S V Ramachandran in Mumbai and pursued her learning further with Padma Shri A Kanyakumari and Sri Vittal Ramamoorthy. She has also undergone rigorous musical training under the guidance of vocalists Prof R Subalaxmi and Smt Kalyani Ramani. With the advantage of learning from various gurus, Radhika has been able to create her own unique style.

Radhika took her passion for Carnatic music further by starting Swaradhika. Her students perform regularly, both solo and in groups, participating in music festivals (local and national), fundraising events and concerts. They have won several prizes in competitions conducted by Cleveland Aradhana and CMANA.

Our Violin Classes

Swaradhika is a Carnatic violin school in South Brunswick, NJ where lessons are taught in the traditional style.

Students first learn to sing each composition, later applying their knowledge on the violin. Emphasis is placed on the technical elements of music, including thalam, shruthi and sahityam, as well as on bringing out the emotion and feeling in the instrument. All students are encouraged to actively listen to music and attend live concerts as well.  

Radhika strongly believes that her students’ dedication, sincerity, and hard work help them develop confidence and a deeper understanding of Carnatic music. Each student is encouraged to learn at his/her own pace. Class sizes are kept small to ensure that students receive proper guidance and explore their individual capabilities. Radhika additionally organizes opportunities for her students to display their talent at chamber concerts, helping them build a strong stage presence.

As students advance, they learn fundamental music-theory concepts such as improvisation (manodharmam), accompaniment, and concert presentation. They receive intense training and performance opportunities so that they can become accomplished musicians.

CMANA 40th Anniversary- Vilayaadu Idhu Nerama

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